The Car Part 3 -Exam Results

Paul N
3 min readMay 6, 2022

The sky was absolutely clear, a small breeze kept the air moving around. Rob parked his car at the end of the student's parking lot and walked towards the doors to the rear of the college.

The student was quietly confident and walked up to the building without much anticipation. One of his classmates walked out of the building through the crowd.

“How did you do?” Rob asked with a smile.

“C, C, B,” his relived friend replied.

“Super, well-done dude … How did I do?” Rob asked.

“I'm not telling you “ he laughed “go look for yourself” Colin instructed his class friend.

He turned around and looked back at him “ you did well you’ll be pleased”

Students were now flowing out of the building some crying, others shouting and hi-fiving. Only a few looked sad but not surprisingly sad. However, Rob was on autopilot, he did not enter into conversations with anyone else he weaved in and out and around them gliding his way into the building.

The results were printed on tabular sheets attached to a line of notice boards in a wide hallway. He found his form group and looked down until he found his name

“B, B, D,” he said to himself, “nice … that will do”

Rob walked straight out of the building with a smile. He pulled out his mobile phone from the front pocket of his Prada rucksack and called his old friend Lee “I want to buy the car dude … how much?”

“nine hundred, mate” Lee replied in his constantly jovial voice.

“done … can I pay you six hundred now the rest in a month or so”


“Does the car run?” Rob asked thinking how he was going to get it home.

“Nah it's in bits mate under a cover by the stables, need polish and touch up it's looking like a rat rod at the moment” Lee replied, he seemed to be munching away on an apple on the other end of the line.

“I need to get it to my house”

“let's just tow it with my work pickup, I've got some chunky old rope in the yard” Lee respond “we will just work it out, your only two roads away”

“let's do it … will be with you in two hours” Rob was on fire now, the exam results were in the bag, and now it was his reward time.



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