Cal Look — Part 1.1

Paul N
4 min readMay 17, 2022

Rob walked back from the bar with a pint of clear cold cider in one hand and in the other another pint of ale for Manny. He placed them down carefully but promptly knocked the table and both glasses spilt leaving small puddles of booze.

“Blast,” he said to himself, he picked up his pint and took a massive gulp, then he put it back down in a different spot, he grabbed a red napkin from the metal cutlery stand and whipped up the mess, drying the bottom of the glass of ale.

He looked up and there stood before him was his work colleague and friend Manny.

“Sorry about the spill situation,” Rob said with a pained face.

“No problem,” Manny said “that’s the least of my worries”

Manny sat down and sighed “I need to onboard fifteen new people onto the cms this afternoon and set up their permissions”

“What a drag” Rob replied, he took a large mouthful of his cider. He then put his head in his hand “Bruce hasn’t fixed that bug yet, you will have to set up each user by hand, and you cannot clone permissions”

The pair sat in silence just looking at each other with pained faces.

“How’s your stuff going?” Manny asked Rob

“nothing works at the moment, my build is broken, I have a networking issue with one of my outstanding tickets and the marketing batch process is broken in dev, I just cannot understand that Clojure codebase,” Rob said in a kind of hopeless tone.

“You wanna second pair of eyes on the Clojure and your build,” Manny said in an upbeat tone realising the idea of getting his hands on the Clojure which was his forte.

“Yeah sure dude” Rob responded a little more upbeat “If you like assign the cms stuff to me I will deal with it”

The pair both smiled, both individuals were now aligned to the work that suited them, they liked chopping and changing tasks, pair programming, and collaborating drawing on each other's strengths. They both go on with drinking their pints, knocking them back in under twenty minutes.

“Right what do you want for lunch? It's my turn.” Manny enquired reading the newly printed paper menu.

“I will get my usual burger” Rob responded, “what are you having? fish and chip sandwich?”

“Of course” Manny smiled.



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