Cal Look — Blue Part 1.2

Paul N
3 min readMay 19, 2022
The gold flat 4 engine from Robs 1967 cal look beetle

Robert had his foot on the floor, the 1600 engine in the bug had a lot of torque, especially when coupled with the quiet pack exhaust. The car flat on the floor had a great deal of speed, seeing the beetle travel fast was certainly an eye-opener to other drivers.

Rob had taken the roundabout hard, but the lowered bug had stuck to the corners like glue, he had taken the most perfect racing line out of the roundabout and catapulted down the off-ramp with momentum.

The roundabout had been exciting. However, on the motorway, he slipped the car into 4th gear and moved to the inside lane and cruised at 70 mph on the dot. Rob sat back in the dark blue seat, he tied his blonde hair back and looked around, the blue Anglian sky the expanse of flat farmer's fields. He relaxed. He looked down at the car and himself in the third person, he saw himself driving from above, his field of view moved towards the side window, and he saw himself driving on that bright dry day. He saw the road in front and the road behind, he saw the car from behind with its engine lid titled open, the chrome bumper. Time stood still.

Then he went back to the classroom. He walked up the stairs into the computer lab. His blue car was parked outside below. In the room was only one person, his teacher Brian Harvey.

“Hey Robert, so good to see you. Your coarse work is there on that pile of folders”

“Hey Mr Harvey”

“We did well Robert, all of you. I saw some other schools' work, but they were nowhere near the quality of our class's coursework”

“I'm going to leave my course work here, just stick it in the tech cupboard, someone else can take something from it”

“You sure Rob” Brian said with a concerned look

“Yeah, It will just get lost or thrown away at home” Rob replied definitively.

“Thanks, Rob, someone in the next year will be able to learn from it, your video shop rental system was a great piece of analysis, the pascal very well commented” Mr Harvey responded proudly

“Mr Harvey, have you opened the class up just for us?”

“Yeap just for this afternoon, so I can hand your coursework back and say goodbye of course, more personal than dropping it…



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